Our Programs

Fulfilling Destiny and Purpose for Girls (FDPG) launched it’s girls’ program March 2018. Our girls meet every Thursday. We quote our stapled self-esteem chants, “I Am Valuable”, “Our Deepest Fear”, and “Reality of Fear”, each time we meet. Our girls work as a team on arts and crafts projects, self-esteem discussions, along with food prep and fellowship, to name a few of the exciting things designed for FDPG girls elevation of self worth.

Night of Famous Quotes: Rosa Parks, President Barack Obama, Frederick Douglas, and a host of others!

Guest Presenter: Teaching our girls to know and design their brand!

Innocence Erased, Victoriously Healed by His Embrace

What or who is trying to keep you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny? There is Victorious Healing for anyone who has been a victim.