Innocence Erased, Victoriously Healed by His Embrace

Cissy is a typical young girl, one who loves her family, her friends, and her toys. But one day, she experienced something that no child should ever endure-and it was the beginning of a nightmare for her. Against her will and beyond her ability to comprehend, Cissy found herself at the center of a growing epidemic.

The impact of her abuse left her with insecurities and low self-esteem, devaluing herself, not realizing her potential and worth. Cissy grew up with self-doubt, and as a direct result of the selfish acts of sexual predators, her choices became increasingly self-destructive. The inability to make better choices, Cissy soon found herself directly and indirectly associated with murderers, drug dealers and worse.

But the darkness of her childhood would eventually be banished by the embrace of the Only One who could change her course.

Innocence Erased is not just about Cissy, one child who was the victim of sexual abuse; it is about all children who have lived through this violence. Included are tools designed to help educate parents, guardians, and children. Even a single act against a child can redirect their course of life forever, however, there is help, hope, and healing available for survivors.

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Innocence Erased, Victoriously Healed by His Embrace

What or who is trying to keep you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny? There is Victorious Healing for anyone who has been a victim.