Consider volunteering for this much needed innovative program to help fulfill destiny and purpose in young girls’ lives!

Volunteer Application
  • We are looking for volunteers from many different backgrounds with an array of skills (i.e. musicians, dancers, counselors, art and crafts, tutors (all subjects), community leaders, working class, professionals, and actors to name a few).
  • Our girls will experience many educational and fun filled excursions (museums, library, stage plays, games; participant in community outreach, and nature trips). Volunteers will be needed to chaperone.
  • Volunteers will be chosen to interact with children from ages 5 to 18 years of age. Volunteers are expected to set positive examples with the goal of improving each life they touch and interact. Volunteers will build confidence and positive self-esteem by having compassionate and loving character and personalities.
  • Many volunteers will not be requested weekly. Many may only be called on monthly, or quarterly depending on the need.
  • All volunteers who work directly with children are required to submit to a background check screening, which may include fingerprinting.

Innocence Erased, Victoriously Healed by His Embrace

What or who is trying to keep you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny? There is Victorious Healing for anyone who has been a victim.